Oecokraft 4T® increases the performance of the engine and significantly extends its service life. Optimised starting behaviour and clean combustion ensure excellent engine cleanliness. The use of Oecokraft 4T® minimises health risks and the impact on humans and nature.

Application ranges – four-stroke

Oecokraft 4T® is the ideal fuel for all four-stroke engines, e.g.:

  • Go-carts
  • Two-wheeled motor vehicles
  • Lawnmowers
  • Snow blowers
  • Power generators etc.
Characteristics and advantages
  • Maximum performance at low and high engine temperatures
  • Improved cold start properties
  • Optimum lubrication
  • Excellent engine cleanliness, residue-free combustion, smokeless
  • Reduced wear – increased service life of the engine
  • Free from harmful benzene, low on aromatics and sulphur
  • Minimised exhaust smell
  • Not “environmentally hazardous” – Oecomix 2T® does not require a warning symbol
  • Applicable up to 5 years after production date in air-tight closed original packaging and storage in a dry, dark and cool storage room
  • Own production “Made in Germany”
  • New, improved recyclable 5 litre container with child-proof closure
Tested quality

Oecokraft 4T® complies with the Swedish standard SS 15 54 61 D for special fuels and the Swiss standard SN 181 163 and was successfully tested by the German Governing Body for Forestry Work and Technology (KWF).

Not “environmentally hazardous” – Oecokraft 4T® does not require a warning symbol despite strict statutory labelling requirements.

Oecokraft 4T® also correspond to the substitution recommendation of the German Employer’s Liability Insurance Association. According to this, the employer is obliged acc. to the hazardous materials regulation and the employment protection act to apply always the less dangerous version of hazardous material.

Special fuels vs. benzine

Packaging sizes

Oecokraft 4T is available in 5, 20 and 200 liter packaging sizes, whereas the 5 and 20 liter packagings are blue for Oecokraft 4T.

Accessories for our packaging can be found the in the following sections.

Accessories – dispensing elements

The 5, 20 and 200 litre containers are optionally available with reusable taps. For convenient dispensing with secure closure

Some with patented air supply for even dispensing, particularly convenient as a safety tap.

Accessories – pumps

For convenient handling, we offer manually operated piston pumps for pumping our special fuels from 200 litre barrels. The pumps are equipped with a rigid suction pipe or a telescopic suction pipe.

We are happy to provide personal and individual advice for your requirements.

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